Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good things come to those... sometimes

Again with my Mom in her later years...  "I finally got a decent décolletage but it's all wrinkly!"  (TMI and not relivant, mine is not wrinkly but it does live around my knees.)

But, finally, after 65 years of really, truly, agonizingly horrible bad hair days after bad hair days, I finally have hair that I love.  My stringy, fine, dirt colored hair is now a lovely, soft and silky highlighted shade of khaki.  With next to zero work on my part, it springs into big soft curls all over my head and frames my face perfectly. 

When I was little, I used to lie in bed a night and wish with all my might (thank you Peter Pan, you asshole, or was it Tinkerbell?) that when I woke up in the morning, my hair would be pretty like every other girl's hair.  It never was.  I used to sit in the pew at church and stair at the hair of everyone in front of me and know the true meaning of envy.  

I gew it long, I wore it up, I cut it off, I got a perm, I tried every trick in the book and while, after much work, I could get it looking acceptable, after 5 minutes it went back to OMG When Will Wigs Come Back In Style?????

After six month of having it in chlorinated water for an hour every day, it started to break off and change colors. I went from bad hair to What The Fuck Happened To You???!!!

And then one day, it healed itself and literally bloomed into perfect hair. It's so weird.  Now, every single day is a great hair day. I wake up, run a brush through it and bam, it's back to perfection.  I get out of the pool and finger comb it and by the time I get home, it's dry and perfect.

It's actually a little freaky and, of course, at this stage of my life, breathing is the big thing, not my hair but, still, in odd moments when I pass a mirror or absent mindedly run my fingers through it, I'm amazed and grateful.  Finally, a good hair day after day after day...





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