Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Burning a hole in my virtual pocket

My Mom would always comment on spendthiftery with 'that money burning a hole in your pocket?'  

Somewhere I got $5.00 credit for Amazon Apps that expires at the end of this mongh. I have an android app that rewards me with Play Store cash when I answer survey questions. It was pointed out to me that the cash is only good or a year. I have something like $13 in that cash.

And it's all, now, burning a hole in my pocket. The Amazon hole is now the urgent fire. I spent some quality time this morning buying and downloading puzzles and games.   At night for an hour-ish before I go to sleep, I listen to my audiobook and play stupid games on my tablet.  Now I have lots o' fresh games and puzzles to last me many many books.

It turned chilly here last night. I noticed it while I was watching TV last night and it really ratcheted down overnight. Fine by me but I wasn't quite prepared. Plus I spent all that time yesterday moving the winter clothes to the bottom shelves. Oh well, guess I'll have to bend over yet for a few more weeks. I welcome the extension of the layered look.  It will be too hot too soon anyway.

Outside of swimming at 11, I really don't have much going on today. I'm pretty caught up, actually. Bear knitting and TV. Baseball is getting seriouser.  The part of me that is not looking forward to warm weather is absolutely ready for baseball season to start.

But now I think I need more coffee and a scrambled egg - or 2.

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