Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

JUST as I expected

I wear knit pants and variations of t-shirts - long sleeved, short sleeved, knit, fleece, different neck shapings - every single day of the year.  I have some special occasion clothes but not many and more than I need.  All of my every day clothes live folded on shelving in one closet in my bedroom.

Today I pulled out every piece.  I culled, I sorted, I refolded and I put back in order and here's where I need the help of anyone reading this with ready access to a gun.  If I buy ONE more single thread in at least the next year, maybe 10, just shoot me.  I mean really.  I do not deserve to live.

I do not want to count the number of knit pants I have.  (I even have one section of 'nice' knit pants and one section of 'cruddy' knit pants.) But I'm pretty sure I could wear a clean pair every day and not have to do laundry for a month.

The shirt situation is about as bad but at least there is variety.

When I die, my brother and sister in law will take over this house. I can imagine the conversation when they pull back the curtain in this closet.  It ain't going to be pretty. But it is likely to be pretty hilarious.
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