Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My usual routine of news listening while interneting in bed with coffee was interrupted this morning when they broke in to report that the news helicopter for our ABC affiliate had crashed near the Space Needle.   Yikes.  This is not a quiet part of town.  It's a rapidly growing neighborhood of offices and condos and businesses with lots of construction thrown in and at 7:30 the morning, people coming in to work, going out to work - just the worst time to be landed on by a crashing helicopter.  (Yeah, no real good time, I get that.)  I turned on the TV for a bit but now reporters are giving more details via Twitter.  It didn't take long to hit the national news and now I just read a Breaking News tweet from the BBC.  While I do appreciate the tragedy for what it is, I can't help but believe that every reporter - especially those who have done their work from news helicopters - is feeling this story a bit more violently today.


I think here, this morning, will be 2 step verification day.  It's time to batten down the hatches on my Google account. I tried it when they first offered it and got lost in the tangle of it all. But, of all my online life, if my Google account was breached, I'd be dead meat.  So it's time to get off my virtual lazy ass (which is an exact mirror of my non virtual lazy ass) and do it.


And then swimming.  After swimming, I'm going to take the long-ish way home via stop at a friend chicken place that holyoutlaw turned me on to.  Just giving it a lunch try.  In between, I have house chores I'd like to get completed.  Nothing critical on the agenda at all.  I do so love and appreciate having so much time to do what I want.
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