Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today turned out to be a productive day.  My tax refund should be in my bank account tomorrow.  I finally got my Health Savings Account closed.  Today I got the check.  They did not charge me any fees. Victory!  Nice to get those two bits taken care off.  Also my rainy day fund will be very happy.

I finished transferring all the TiVo programs and was able to swap out the external drives. I think the older one might have issues so I moved it to the TiVo I don't care that much about - the one on the bedroom that is really just for backup.  One week from filing the claim to replacement, new box is in, upfitted and working with the old Season Pass list.  Not too bad.  

I got an email from Sheri, the designer.  She and the elecgtrician are going to fix my ceiling fixtures before she moves to London.  Yeah!  She's really only marginally obligated. I do appreciate her stepping up to the plate.

A couple of weeks ago, we got yet another request from the condo managers that they needed proof of insurance.  They have sent out the request many times. I handed what they requested to the building manager the first time they asked.  He apparently ate it for lunch or something.  This last time, I sent it via email to the new manager in order to have a paper trail. I'm really tired of getting the request and noted that (gently) in the email.  I did get a gratious thank you and apology for their losing the first one.

But, then tonight, in the elevators they posted a list of all the people who have NOT provided their information.  SLACKERS. UNCOOPERATES.  Hilarious. I figured I was one of the few who complied and wow, I was right. I kind of love - from up here on my high horse - seeing them name names.

I had steak last night for dinner and pork chops the night before and turns out my mouth isn't really ready for chewing solid meat.  So today I made a Minnesota hot dish of noodles, spaghetti sauce (jar), hamburger, mushrooms and cheese.  Not too bad and very doable chew-wise.  There are four more dinners just like it in the freezer.

And all the clothese are clean.

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