Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Most swims, particularly early morning swims, are good but this morning's swim was outstanding.  I even swam longer than usual. It was so good, I hated to stop.  My new cap is great. The pillow earbuds worked better than the christmas tree ones. But mainly, it was just a wonderful groove.


I have nothing on the agenda for today. I will probably do laundry.  I have lots of things to keep me busy and interested but nothing particularly scheduled or on the must get done list.  Fine by me.  I have a novel that I'm deep into.  It may get some quality time today.


My yarn source is having a free shipping day today.  Usually I'd hop on this with a healthy order but, honestly, I'm kind of well supplied right now.  I have two yarn ottomans.  One holds yarn just arrived. It's totally filled.  One holds bits too small to use.  It's almost filled.  And then there's the solid basket which is full and the sweater basket of variegated yarns and it's pretty full so I think I'll just pass.


The Tree That I Hate outside my terrace is called London Plane and it is planted in cities because it never dies and, apparently, can't be killed.  I referenced it this weekend and thistle_chaser found this amazing piece of info "Future planting may be in question, though, as some communities have actually outlawed the planting of London Planes." Music to my ears.  Maybe if mine could somehow be extinguished, it would not be replaced.  I doubt it but a girl can hope.  Years ago, a car crashed into it.  The car was totaled. The tree was fine.  So I don't often get hope where that fucking tree is concerned.
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