Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A crisis of taste???

I was raised in the 50's. My tongue came of age in the southeast part of the United States.  Fried was best. Grits were sprinkled liberally with sugar. One of my favorite sandwiches was two pieces of white bread, liberally spread with mayo and then married with a filling of potato chips.  I still love all of that.  I'd still knock over old people for good, skin-on, fried chicken (are you listening, Bojangles????? over here!  West Coast!!).  And, I hate that I live in a world now where it is critical to clear communications that I specify skin-on since skinless chicken (the horror) is now the norm (the shame).

Anyway, recently I've noticed that my go to foods are not what they used to be.  I really like green beans now.  Growing up, the huge floor potted philodendron in the corner near where I sat at the table, got as many of my green beans as I could get away with disposing.

Then, ljtourist told me that Tillamook had a new Greek style yogurt that was amazing.  So I tried it and he was so not wrong.  This stuff is so rich tasting and creamy it's way more like pudding than yogurt both in texture and flavor.  I love pudding - chocolate, vanilla, tapioca... but honestly, if I had all three, homemade and perfect, and some of this new yogurt, I'd go for the yogurt - especially the vanilla and the coffee flavors.

But, the coup de grace - the one that really amazes me - is the snacks I got in my first Nature Box.  This is one of those periodical mailing things you sign up for.  $20 a month and you get a box of five different snacks that you picked,  I got half off my first order and found five that looked promising and signed up. EVEN though the site says in huge letters that these are "Wholesome Snacks" and that just goes against anything my tongue has any interest in.

My box was supposed to arrive on Monday but got here yesterday.  And, wow. They are all delicious and fun and interesting.  I really hate that I'm eating and enjoying wholesome and in one case, vegan! food but these are outrageously tasty and I do love a good snack.  I got 50% off my first box and had every intention of canceling before I was charged for my second one but that's not going to happen.  This shit is delicious.

I hear people say they LOVE junk all the time - kale and tofu and stuff that really, LOVE????  My personal barometer is...  would you LOVE it if it were bad for you?  I would love this yogurt and these snacks if they were bad for me. I would.  And that just shocks me.
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