Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Success and failure

The new restaurant was open so I went in.  Yeah.  It's cafe, deli, cheese bar, flower stall all rolled into one. It's really a lovely place.  For many years - probably 100 - it had been a bank building.  It was the bank I opened an account in when I first move here in 1991.  Until Bank of America closed it a couple of years ago, it still had teller cages.  The restaurant folks really did it justice.  They kept the tin ceiling and changed/enhanced it so that it is now a lovely place.  Quiet and pretty and omg sooooo pretentious.

I am not their target audience by a long shot and, honestly, I really don't even want to know anyone who might be.  It's just way to precious for my blood.  I had 2 poached eggs (floating in butter) and a rather large, thick piece of toast. Not untastey but not special either.  There wasn't really anything else on the menu that tempted me. $14 with tip.

And, as I left I remembered that the place is named London Plane - after the trees that are all over my neighborhood.  They were carefully chosen by the city, not because they are lovely because they surely are not but because they do not die.  Ever.  They are bullet proof.  I have one that blocks my view from May to October.  It's The Tree That I Hate.  It's a London Plane.
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