Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm just a pile of booboos.

My tooth - or rather my tooth hole - is getting better every day.  I can even chew some stuff.  (The tooth that was removed was on the top second from the last one.  So I have a lone tooth and a hole and then the rest.)  The stitches are, in fact, dissolving.

The patch on my arm (near my elbow) where I removed the skin, no longer stings but I'm keeping a bandage on it and that's beginning to itch. I'll leave it on until tomorrow's swim when the water will take it off (and, hopefully, not rip more skin off).

My heel is a little better and, of course, as Plantar Fashionista is want to do, gets less painful as the day wears on.  It's not a bad case anyway,

But, adding to the This Body Is Old stew, today is shoulders and hips.

My laps in the pool have all been what we called the American Crawl.  It's the only stroke I do and I just do it over and over for the mile every day.  But, yesterday, I got a wild hair up my swim suit and did a couple of lengths of breast stroke.

This morning my shoulders and hips would like to testify... Loudly.  Especially my shoulders.  Hmmmm.  So this morning I fired up YouTube to make sure, at least, that I'm doing the stroke correctly.  I figured if my muscles are complaining it's because they want more and as long as I'm going to give them more, I might as well do it correctly.  It might work for all sports but YouTube is amazing for swimming.  It's so cool to be able to watch style and technique with such detail.  Anyway, I think I have the breast stroke detail so I'll start integrating into my hour.  It's so slow it's going to fuck up my mile-in-under-an-hour deal but no biggie.

But, no swimming today.

I'm off, on foot, to forage for brunch.

There's a new place a few blocks from here that is, supposedly, serving breakfasts on weekends.  Their website has said they were closed for the weekend until this week so I'm going to go find out.  We have a lot of new restaurants around here but they all seem to shutter up pretty quickly during the day on weekends.  Of course, it's not tourist season yet and they may open up then.  There's a funky downer a couple of blocks past the new place that is nothing special but not too bad.  That diner will be my backup.

I have a DVD movie to watch from the library this afternoon and that's about it for the agenda today.  Not that any of my days are raucous but I do love the occasional quiet Sundays and today just might be one.  The neighborhood will be sleepy. No tourists, no sports games, they have even moved the St. Patricks Day run to the other end of town.  Nice for a change.
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