Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Chores done

The dishwasher is washing and the kitchen is all tidied.

This morning, while swimming, one of my earbuds quit.  Rather than fiddle with it, I just hopped out and got my backup set and kept swimming.  But, I was trying out a new cap, which I think I like. It has ear flaps but the christmas tree ear bud pieces stick out to far so that led to a complete dig through my bag o' swimming stuff to get out and test all headsets and make sure I have one working set with christmas tree thingies and one set with the pillow versions.  And they all work.  On the way I threw out a bunch of stuff that didn't work plus a bunch of other stuff that I really don't need to keep.  All the rubber thingies are now in one baggie.

Here's the new cap.  It comes way down on the forehead so bypasses the hairline which is good and, turns out, pretty darned comfortable.  It's made for long hair, which I really don't have, so there's kind of an air bubble that takes some getting used to, but I think it's going to be a keeper.   I've never been able to keep the normal style cap - lycra or silicone - on my head for an entire swim - just too uncomfortable.  But, I wore this one for the whole hour today and it was fine.  It's kind of pricey for a cap but if it keeps me from going bald, I'm ok with spending.

I also got more Stuff to put Stuff in out and ready.  I think I'm ready now.  I really hope this organization lady works out because every day I open a drawer or door that needs its own help.  I need someone to help purge and then someone to suggest where the stuff that survives would best live from now on.

Zoey has spent a fair amount of time today inspecting the growing pile.  I'm a week ahead of myself so we'll be staring at this until a week from Monday.  But had I put it off, I'd be scrambling next weekend.  This way I have time to organize my mind so I don't forget stuff while the project is actually being done.  Just occurs to me that today's half sun/half cloudy would be a good day to get the before pictures done. I think I'll do that now.
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