Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ooops, Flickr... now we got a problem.

I just saw on Flickr, that they are no longer going to connect to LJ as of March 25. They have, for years now, had a lovely, quite functional, LJ button. They are not only ditching that, but also their precoded URLs that LJ will accommodate. The iframe and other coded URLS that they now offer, will not work in LJ.

The End Of An Era.

Every photo I take with my phone gets instantly uploaded to Google and to Flickr. It has been way more difficult to get photos into LJ from Google but they recently made it a bit easier. And they auto-fix them.

This first photo today, I have to go to Download/all sizes>pick my size>right mouse click on the photo and select Copy URL then open up a new LJ Entry and select add image and plug in the URL.

To add this one, in Google pictures, I right click on the photo, get the URL and then do like above. This are fewer steps and places to go and I'm always in Google anyway and since Flickr doesn't work with LJ any more there is really no reason to go there.

I think Google just won.  Bye Bye, Yahoo and Flickr.  It was nice while it lasted.  And, no, I'm not interested in just being friends.
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