Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Even now, after I've done it for a while, the idea of sleeping with my head and and shoulders tilted upward 20 degrees or more seems really uncomfortable.  It shocks me every night that it's not at all.  It's very comfortable.  I sleep on my back and on my side and either way, having the head of the bed raised and having the foot of the bed raised really kind of makes a great sleeping place.

It has the great added benefit of keeping my head clear.  I used to wake up all congested with a very stuffed nose.  Breathe Right strips helped but what fixes the whole problem is keeping my head elevated.  Amazing.


Sheri, the designer who redid my whole condo in 2005 and then did smaller fixes and upfits over the years.  The latest was a couple of years ago when she redid the living room creating a beautiful built in and computer desk and created new lighting.  Two lighting fixtures she had put in have always been problematic.  They chew up bulbs. Originally, they had 4 $50 LED bulbs that were supposed to last years. Some of them failed in the first month.  One of the fixtures was such a problem, I switched to the cheaper halogen bulbs.  These fixtures are in the 12 high ceiling and changing bulbs out is a royal PIA not to mention not cheap.  I used to bitch at Sheri every time a bulb blew and she did have the electrician come check once but never really did much but cluck cluck.

Last night 2 bulbs - the halogen - blew.  And so did I.  I wrote her a really whiny email. And then proceeded to drag a stool over to the bar chair from the terrace that I dragged in and climbed up. I can barely reach but I managed to change out the bulbs and get down safely but, honestly, I do not have the muscles or the balance to be doing that shit. It was pretty traumatic.

I ended up talking to Sheri on the phone mainly because she wanted to tell me that her husband got a big promotion and with it a 2 year stint in London and she's moving to center city London in 3 months!!  I asked her to do what she could before she left and she agreed.  She may switch out the fixtures.  I left it all up to her.

London. I honestly can't quite picture Sheri in London - she's very well traveled but living in London?  Wild. I'm very happy for her - should be quite the adventure.


Between the bulb trauma and the hauling of the organization stuff and scraping the skin off my arm, by the time I got to bed last night, I was a goner.  It was an eventful day.

Today should be calmer.  I'll be at the pool ready for my swim when it opens at 8:30.  I need to get my hour in and hop on home.  There is a soccer game across the street at 1.  I think if I can get home before 10:30, it should be fairly easy.  I've really got nothing else on my agenda today.  I could use a rest.
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