Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done and Done

I got the TiVo set up and operational.  It's such a tedious process but I've set up so many over the years that at least I knew what to expect.  I had to call TiVo because they had screwed up the serial number.  They fixed it with a very minimum of fuss.  Then I had to call Comcast to get them to gin up the cable card for the new box.  Again, savvy guy who's English was not terribly intelligible but who sure knew his shit.  Took no time at all.

The actual setup excluding the calls, to get everything working, took 2.5 hours.  Still way too much time and fiddling but it's done.  If it starts rebooting like the broken one, I'm going to be a very unhappy camper.  It will be a while before all the programs get on the right box but, no biggie.

Then I boxed up the broken TiVo and hauled it off to Office Depot so UPS could take it home.

At Storables, I got new shower bottles (for soap, shampoo and conditioner) for the pool shower. I'm ridiculously happy about these.  I filled them all up and then put them in the car with my pool stuff.  I also got a new swim cap - it came in the mail and has ear flaps.  I'm hoping it will work with my earbuds but we shall see.  Trial run tomorrow morning's swim.

Wanna know what $200 of shit to put shit in looks like?

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