Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Home but I did it...

I'm just using this entry as an excuse not to move for a minute.

I spent $200 at Storables.  I'm thinking probably half will go back but, hopefully, I got enough right stuff for the project.  One thing I was after was hard clear plastic shoeboxes that slide out from their frame and are stackable.  They are great for storage but suck in transport.  I got them all in my car and drove home.  I parked by the front door (loading zone) and got a wheeled cart from the garage to haul everything up.  It was clearly a two trip/one cart or two cart/one trip deal that I tried to do one cart/one trip.  Everything kept falling.  I even broke (not horribly) one of them.  And, in a fight to hold them all on the cart and close the door at the same time, I managed to scrape a giant patch of skin off my arm.  I managed to get it all up here while I bled.

Now the arm is bandaged, the cart is returned, all the shit is in the house and I am ex.hau.sted.

I did score the two flavors of the new yogurt I've been after.  And a lox and cream cheese bagel - made the right way (cream cheese, lox, tomato and capers... NO fucking sprouts!) that I have waiting for me for lunch.  Then I need to get all this storables stuff organized.  Oh and the TiVo arrived so I can start that long, laborious process.

Ok, I think I'm rested enough to eat that bagel.
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