Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I had a lovely swim this morning. And my Plantar Fashionista is much better this morning.  Whew.

I'm thinking this morning, I might go to the Storables store.  It's in a very busy mall and not that handy to get to so my plan is to get there when the doors open at 10.  Better parking and I'm sharper.  The main goal is better storage in the big closets on the terrace.  I need to do some measurements before I go.  The plan is to get boxes and bins that fit into the cabinets.  The organization lady is coming a week from Monday.  I'll then return any of the stuff I buy that we don't use.

The replacement TiVo should be here today.  Today and tomorrow I'll take the time to get it set up and get all the TV programs I haven't seen yet, transferred onto it.

My people attitude is deteriorating.  My neighbor, Ann, had not been here to check in for more than a week. Yesterday, she dropped in to have me, for about the 5th time, show her how to enter a contact into her phone.  She had found her call log and wanted to know how to delete everything but when she got here she couldn't find it. I really didn't care and explained that she shouldn't either. I told her the list she wanted was the 'call list' and told her to go find her manual and look it up.  I wasn't all that nice about it.  Ann is one of the few people I see face to face and probably that won't happen if I keep being mean.

Oh well.  Time now to get up and get going.
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