Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

two more things

Happy Birthday, Internet.  I remember when you are just a babe.  You've grown into quite the amazing thing.

Back in the olden days, there was no charge for domain names. You just filled in a form with whatever you wanted and if it wasn't taken, you got it.  The first couple of years of were free.  Then they started charging.  The process changed hands a dozen times.  At one point it was $70+ for one year.  The wild wild west.

Also back in the olden days, I was married for a minute.  My husband was a lot older than I was.  (Actually, since the internets have yet to produce an obit, I suspect he is still... and his birthday is next week.  He'll be 86. Yikes.) He had a lot of strange habits and ways that I generally regarded as ridiculous.  Beginning to see now why the marriage didn't work?

One of them was the way he made scrambled eggs.  My way, the correct way,  was to crack the eggs in a bowl, add whatever I wanted, if anything, and then pour into the warmed frying pan.  He heated the frying pan and then cracked the eggs into it and scrambled them there while they cooked.  Dumb.  And they never looked right.  This morning, I decided on scrambled eggs. My kitchen is so clean. The idea of dirtying up a whole extra bowl seemed silly.  So I cracked the eggs into the warmed pan and scrambled them there.  They weren't as good. (Wonder if he is laughing a maniacal nearly 86 year old laugh right now?)
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