Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Every other morning, I either sleep in or go swimming.  It's kind of a nice rhythm that I really missed while the pool was closed.  Today is a sleep in day.  The pool doesn't open til 11.  The alarm/NPR goes off at 6 but I don't turn the light on until about 7.  Then I get up and get coffee and bring it back to bed.  Zoey joins me for coffee and internet-ing. This is exactly what we look like right now.

In my reading this morning, I learned that Amazon has, indeed, raised the price of it's Prime membership.  Not a surprise and not unreasonable but I also read a clever 'buy ahead' deal. I bought myself a gift of Prime to start the day my membership expires next October.  Saved $20.  And, come next October, I'll get a nice gift from me. How kind of me.

Today's project is the continuing copy of programs from the broken TiVo to the bedroom one.  It's a slow process but I'm making good progress.  The new TiVo will be here tomorrow but I don't have to hook it up right away so I'll get everything saved that I want.

I never did get out yesterday.  The sun was out all day and I just couldn't face it.   Sun in my eyes gets harder and harder to take the older I get and if I don't have to face it, I don't.  I got several pairs of good sunglasses on sale over the winter - one in the car, one by the front door, so that will help, I hope.  Today I have to go out at mid-day anyway so I'll just do my errands while I'm out.

But, now, I think I'll get up, get dressed and have a little breakfast.

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