Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Task Rabbit

My bathroom is all organized and so today I'm thinking of the other key areas that need the same thing - cleaning out, culling and organizing.

2 cupboards on the terrace
3 closets in the bedroom

The outside needs it most because it houses stuff I cannot find and so buy more of.  And it's the trickiest because its window of opportunity is not open ended.  Do it too soon and it's too cold.  Wait too long and it's too hot.

Plus, the last time I did it alone, it took me a couple of weeks to recover.  There is an amazing amount of dust out there and by the time I finished handling all the dusty things, I was a wheezing fool.  I tried a mini clean since then and wore a paint mask and it was better but I decided not to fuck with it.  This is the perfect opportunity to try

I created and posted a task today.  I'm hoping to find someone with some crack organizational skills to help.  But if that fails, I'll be happy with someone who can deal with the dust and then haul away what I don't want. If I get a really good task rabbit-er, then I might hire him/her to help with the bedroom closets.

If doesn't come through, I wonder if would. hmmmm

One way or the other. It will get done.  I have way more shit than I need and this business of re-buying stuff has got to stop.
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