Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just watched Ep1 of CNN's "Death Row Stories".  Very well done. Susan Sarandon does the voice over and the story is totally without the overdrama that the other networks insist on.  Refreshing and interesting.  The story was also about a murder in Greenwood, SC which is a tiny town I lived and worked in years ago.  Interesting to see the shots from around town.

This afternoon, I did a massive cleanup of TiVo.  Went from 80% full to 50% full.   There were multiple episodes of programs I didn't even ever remember wanting to see.

There are still a lot of non-transferable movies on the harddrive that I'm just going to have to eat if the thing dies.  But, I feel better about it all since I've gone through it with a fine toothed and thoughtful comb.
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