Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

insurance - whackadoodle

Walgreens came through. My two prescriptions are on their way.

The pricing and history are wild - 3 months supply - today's is via Premera Medicare Advantage.  The previous dates were via Regence (the insurance carried by my ex-employer).  I have ZERO reason why they changed since the insurance coverage did not.

today - $1.20
12/26/13 - $9.74
10/19/13 - $10.96
8/12/13 - $34.72
6/05/13 - $15.76
1/19/13 - $15.76

today - $1.20
12/11/13 $.09
9/20/13 $.09
7/13/13 $.09
5/6/13 $1.85
1/15/13 $1.85

I have one more cheapo - LOSARTAN POTASSIUM 50MG.  I need to get a new prescription for this one.

My big three - the pricey inhalers - are nicely stockpiled.  I have enough of each to take me through til May when I have my doctor's appointment.  No need to spend the $ until the doctor confirms they are still exactly what I need.

And I think it's amazing and fabulous that I can look at my drug history at various pharmacies online and then log onto my doctor's office and get a refill for that one I'm missing.  So cool.

Also cool?  The Mariners are in the top of the 8th playing the giants.  Mariners 15/Giants 3.  And, according to the noise outside, the Sounders also won.
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