Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I am the anti-drug addict

When the dentist handed me the prescription for percocet, he looked me right in the eye and told me that he doubted I would need it. Tylenol would probably work fine.  I believed him.  Plus, I have the giant fear of drugs.  Plus the pharmacist, when I got the percocet filled, very sternly several times told me it would cause constipation. The third and final time he said it, he also looked right at me with a message that said "you will never ever ever shit again."

So today wears on.  I took Tylenol this morning and again early this afternoon and really I'm not impressed. My face, jaw and the roof of my mouth are all pretty hurty.  Plus. the dentist also told me that Day 4 will hurt the worst.  Depending on how you count it, today is still only Day 2.  arugh.  Finally tonight I decided to take one of the percocet.  The prescription was for 15 pills and honestly the bottle isn't big enough for all the warnings.  I read through them all trying to decide whether to take one tonight.

And then on the bottle I read 'no more than 9 pills a day'... NINE????  And I'm having a heart attack over 1????

I popped that sucker - booyah!  Let's paarrrrtay!  And by party, I mean chew.  Eventually.
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