Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Risen from the dead, I think

After sleeping all afternoon, I got up about 6 pm, briefly,  and then went back to bed and slept until 6 this morning. I ate some pudding and had some coffee and went back to sleep until about 8:30.  I think I'm awake now.  Maybe.

My face feels way better than it did yesterday. It feels kind of sore in spots and over all kind of leaden but it's not throbbing and when I get up, I'll take a couple of tylenol and that will likely fix it all.

At one point I flattened the bed out so I could sit on it and check the computer.  Then put the computer away to go back to sleep and the flat bed felt way too weird.  I hit the bed remote and tilted up the head and that's all it took.  I love this adjustable bed.

I am glad that the whole 'worrying about this tooth' is over.  It's been bugging me on and off for a year.  No more!

And I am so glad that I have nothing I have to do.  If I feel like it, I might make a run to Grocery Outlet. But, if I don't, no biggie.  I could actually sleep all of today, if I wanted.  And that's the most luxurious feeling.

I'm still in bed now and very tempted to go back to sleep but I think I'll get up and get dressed instead.  I did zero bear knitting yesterday.  Can't get away with that for long.
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