Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The time before the hurt kicks in

Well, it was an eventful dental appointment.  These people are really so kind and nice.  They looked at the offending tooth and the dentist said that he thought it could be saved.  He didn't see any infection in the x-ray.  So he suggested I go to a root canal guy and if the root was fine, we just do another composite fix but if the root wasn't fine, do a root canal and then come back and do a crows.  He was almost read to do the composite fix without the visit to the root canal guy when I asked him about the pain up at the top of the gum.

That turned his optimism into oh dear that does change things.  That means there is an infection that isn't showing in the x-rays.

Then I asked him about the down side of pulling it.  He did not present a compelling case.  One shot deal, no other visits to anywhere, dead it, do it, and gone.  And cheaper than any other options.

PLUS, his assistance said that he had an opening to do it in an hour. And they would give me something to take the edge off while I waited.   SOLD!  The actual process was not bad at all.  Since it was an upper tooth, my tongue didn't have to get numb.  I didn't get to keep the tooth so no tooth fairy.

He gave me a prescription for pain killers which he said I probably wouldn't need and I didn't even get filled.  I can feel my face beginning to hurt and he said it probably would for about 5 days with day 4 being the worst.  He said tylenol would fix it.  I believe.  At least I know that this starts the end of the hurt and not the beginning.

No hot foods and no foods that need to be chewed for 24 hours. I have applesauce, chocolate pudding, yogurt, milk and Diet Dr. Pepper.

He wants me to come back for cleaning but said it would take two or three sessions.  NFW.  I said I was good for 1 session but only if it were under sedation.  The sedation option is two visits - one for vitals and x-rays and one for cleaning (that's the sedation part) - total bill $1000.  Good to know. Not sure I'm going to avail myself of the opportunity just yet...

Now this thing is really beginning to smart.  Maybe I'd be smart to get that Percocet prescription filled after all.

On the up side, I stopped into Bartell's and got a prescription filled for the mouthwash he wants me to use and I paid by tapping my phone!  That was kind of  cool.

And I can finally see the caboose on the dental crisis of Q1 2014.  So there's that.
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