Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Murphy's Law

Starting pretty much after I hung up the phone, my tooth started feeling remarkably better.  I took some ibuprofen about 9 am and it, honestly, has not hurt since.  But I can wiggle it a little with my finger and the space above it -  I think where the gum meets the tooth - is still a little sensitive.  And, while I am loathe to go to the dentist, I'm too embarrassed to call and cancel the appointment especially figuring the minute I do that, the tooth will turn on me and start hurting again and I'll have to call back for another appointment.  So maybe I'll go in, he'll x-ray and look and say it's still night teeth grinding causing the pain so stop grinding my teeth at night.  And I'll pay him $115 and leave a happy camper.

Chef Anita was here and my freezer is full of wonderfulness.  She has a new client who needs 2 Tuesdays a month so she asked if I could move mine back a week so she won't be back here for an extra long time... :(.  She did bring me 5 eggs direct from her chickens and 2 small, beautiful and delicious smelling king cakes!

I got all my errands done and remembered everything.  Finally, I have little glider 'paws' on the bottom for table I use for this laptop so that it now glides across the carpet when I need to move it.

Zoey's wandering around kind of lost. I think she misses Anita.  Having all that bustling in the kitchen and then nothing could tax a kitty brain.
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