Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I did it

I called the dentist.

I got a nice lady on the phone.  She found me deep in the recesses of their database and even found the tooth since the dentist had worked on it before.  Then she said "The only problem is that we are really kind of full."  My heart leaped in joy... Maybe they can't take me - in truth the tooth does not hurt as much today...  My denial runs wide and deep...  "I have an opening tomorrow at 8:30 in the morning, would that work?"  Sigh.  A perfect time.  Late enough for me to wake up, check the internets, have coffee, get showered and dressed and to the bus (his office is in the middle of town) without enough time for me to spend the day stressing about it.

Then I remembered to tell her that I no longer had dental insurance and she was very quick to say, "let me see what that would be for you then"  $115 for looking at it and xray.  Not at all unreasonable.

Short of fixing my tooth over the phone, it was really the best I could hope for and, very nearly, the hardest part of the whole thing.
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