Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done and done and done

The bathroom is all cleaned out and reorganized and pretty.
The laundry is all done, folded and put away.
The boxes are all broken down and happy in their new home, the recycling dumpster.
The rest of the trash and garbage has been gathered up and taken down to the dumpsters, as well.
The bears are all bagged and by the door ready for their trip tomorrow.
The computer is all organized and pretty. I even created some handy quick and dirty web pages in Google Docs.
The freezer has enough space cleared out for Anita tomorrow.
The fridge also has a big space for her.
The dishwasher is emptied and the kitchen cleaned.

Do I feel productive???  You betcher bippie!

The Mariners are playing two games today. I'm tracking one visually while listening to the other on my tablet.  The extra screen real estate makes it a little nicer than the phone. Plus I can set it up on the Tylt charger and keep an eye on it.

It dawned on me today that my TiVo which kept rebooting on me has not done that since I put in the new router.  hmmmm  I did read that faulty network connections have been connected to spontaneous rebooting of my model.  Be great if the new router fixed it.  The new router has fixed a host of other things.  It's a TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 that Ferdinand at Microcenter, St. Davids, PA recommended and sold to letmesaythis.  I looked at routers and reviews and recommendations and issues in user forums until I was blue in the face and nothing rose to the top - they all had good points and bad and none was voted best by everyone or even a majority. But, heck, Ferdinand has to come face to face with his recommendations so he won.  And, honestly, I am very happy with his choice!

The Mariners are winning both games in the 8th.   Next up, bear knitting and podcast watching.  Things are good around here today.
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