Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today is Getting It Done day here at SDHQ.

The bathroom reorg will be finished.  The pile of boxes in the fish room will be broken down and taken to the recycle bins. The bears will be packed up for delivery tomorrow.  At a minimum.  Oh and laundry will be done.

I am sooo glad that I stockpiled drugs from my old insurance.  Getting drugs in 3 month batches via mail order is great once you get it set up.  But setting it up is a bitch.  Because of insurance changes, I have now had to go through the setup process about 5 times and it never gets any easier.  It's like a cross between alchemy and astronomy.  You can't get a price ahead of time or even after you order.  So you order blind.  One of the drugs I ordered from Walgreens last week is currently listed as $99 (for 3 months).  But, they have not applied the insurance yet and there's no way I can find out what the cost to me will be until it's time to pay.  It's an amazing system and I don't mean that in a good way.

Three of my drugs are very expensive ($100-300 each a month).  I'm hoping the final cost to be of that $99 will give me an idea of what the expensive ones will actually cost.  Happily, I have a 3 month supply of each of the pricey ones in house so there is no panic.  Whew.

Also today is more fiddling with the new computer. It is so much fun to fiddle with.  Also the newsletter should be ready for me sometime this week.  That will be really fun this time - having a computer that doesn't choke when I try to move chunks of newsletter pages.

So good day planned.  This time next week my pool will be open again. I think I can make it til then.
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