Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ok, I'm calling tomorrow

The dentist, that is.  I am convinced this sucker is not going to get better and I want it out. I have chewing to do. I'm going to try my previous dentist first.  I'm not going to be disappointed if he can't take me because gfrancie has given me a lead on a dentist who advertises sympathies for dental idiots like me and who's office is actually more convenient.  I like my dentist well enough but his office staff is sometimes hard to get through - they rotate enough so that I have no clue how they are now but if they give me any crap, I'm going to the other place.  So, I'm covered and committed.

I did end up going swimming and it was ok.  Really really really crowded - like 6 people per lane and not all well behaved.  In my lane fools were passing people without even looking for oncoming traffic.  I kept getting slapped and hit and then twice I had to actually stop to keep from getting crashed into.  Finally, after about 3/4ths of a mile, I quit.  Enough. There are 8 city pools and 3 were closed today for various reasons so I think that accounted for some of the action.

I spent a fair amount of time getting my new computer's desktop fixed up the way I like it.  I had to code some new web pages to get the size I wanted but I think it's pretty close now.  I did an 'interview' of one of my brother's techs for the Staff Spotlight column of his next newsletter.  I did it on 2/19.  Today, I thought I'd better find that file and make sure I copy it to safe place.  Well, I'll be damned if I could find the thing.  I must have looked for 45 minutes.  Finally I just recreated it. I think I got everything except for one minor fact.  Stupid stupid stupid.  At least I did get enough so that I don't have to admit what an idiot I am to either my brother or his tech. Whew.

I also remembered to get the month's bears photographed before I take them, probably Tuesday.  The bathroom is still half done.  The boxes are still in the fish room and the laundry isn't done but tomorrow is an entirely new day.
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