Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dental Woes and more

I have this tooth...  It's had a hard road.  About 20 years ago I broke a piece off of it.  Because it was a pretty big piece and created a razor sharp edge and I was still hoping to conquer my fear of dentists (or really rather hatred of them), I took it to a the dentist who kind of semi fixed it.  The razor edge was gone and he said that his fix might last a year, might last 2 or 3 but would some day absolutely have to be replaced with a crown or I'd lose the tooth.  About 10 years ago, it was really kind of bugging me so I went back to the dentist and he took x-rays and couldn't find any issue with it at all.  And over the next decade it was fine.  Until about a year ago.

It started hurting.  I finally figured out I was grinding it at night while I slept.  It got so bad that one Saturday, I emailed the dentist for an appointment and then went to the drug store and got some numbing stuff and a mouth guard.  By Monday, the mouth guard had worked magic and by Friday the tooth was healed.

About a month or so ago, the mouth guard trick started only working sometimes. And now sometimes, it even hurts when I'm not chewing or messing with it with my tongue.   The other night I ate a few sliced of toasted designer bread (hard crusts) and my tooth really hurt when I went to bed but was WAY better in the morning.

The bottom line is that I need to bite the bullet (using the other side of my mouth) and go to the damn dentist.  Now, of course, I have no insurance so it's a double whammy.  One day it's going to get so bad that going to the dentist will be better than putting up with it.


And speaking of insurance I do not have...  Turns out - with my tax return, I learned that my taxable income in 2013 was $30,000.  I told the insurance finder that it was $12,000.  So I think I pretty much broke the law by getting and using medicade.  But my month is over and now my medicare and medicare advantage takes over.  Meanwhile medicare is all hosed up because my coverage won't auto renew (because I hit 65 years of age) and they keep sending me snail mail every day telling me I have to renew manually.  They offer me no option to cancel.  Neither does their website.  So today I called.  I waited on hold for 30 minutes and quit.  I sent an email but their auto reply says they won't answer to anything that requires personal identification so I think calling is going to be my only out.

I feel guilty about cheating and I want to quit costing them mailing money.


The computer is all put together, wifi card in, ethernet cable gone.  It is a nice computer.  I'm so spoiled by the Chrome OS that it's hard to get excited about a Windows machine but if I were going to, this would be the one.  And, since I do still have to have a Windows machine for some things, at least now I have an amazing one!
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