Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

fail and fail but what.ever

Sooooo turns out that overnight (literally, because I checked it yesterday afternoon) Silver Sneakers changed their website.  And, coincidentally? dropped most of the gym/pools that were available here.  The only thing left really is 24 Hour Fitness which has tiny pools, a really bad reputation for scuzzy locker rooms and tiny, not-well-maintained pools, and in the location closest to me, parking that would cost me $15 a swim.

When I went to the gym in Ballard this morning, I was told by the receptionist that their agreement with Silver Sneakers ended at midnight last night.  Ha.  "Well, how much does it cost to join without Silver Sneakers?  Oh, the membership group doesn't come in until 9 and I'm not allowed to give out that information."  Ok then...

So onto the city pool.  Ballard has one of the small city pool and I had heard it was crowded... But, they have a YMCA with a pool, AND this gym with two pools, how crowded can it be???  Turns out REAL crowded.  At one point my lane had 5 swimmers in it, 2 with boards (meaning VERY slow).

BUT... I did fine. Honestly, I was a little afraid that after having swam only 1 time in a week, I'd have lost my pool mojo.  But, nope, just the opposite.  Even though it was crowded and the water was too warm, it was still great. I got in an hour without stopping and it felt good.  The locker room is tiny and it was way too packed.   My pool re-opens a week from Monday.  I will be soooooo ready.

I hauled assed home to wait for FedEx. I made myself some breakfast and checked the tracking number to learn that mere minutes before, FedEx had declared my home a business and not only that, a business that was CLOSED and moved the delivery to Monday.  I placed a WTF phone call to FedEx.  The nice lady said someone would call me.  I shot an email to Amazon asking for a refund of the $8.99 surcharge I had paid for Saturday delivery.

As I finished my breakfast the phone rang and an honestly really nice guy from the local FedEx called VERY apologetic and said that he would put it on a truck for delivery today but it might be late and he was sooo sorry.  "This is all a FedEx error." He said that if I wanted it earlier, he could pull it and hold it for me there.  'There' was their office a very easy 3 miles south of here. So I thanked him and hopped in the car.

Now I am home and listening to the baseball game and getting ready to install my new wifi card.

All is good.  I am clearly getting better at dealing with annoyances!

Oh and while I was at FedEx, I got a note from Amazon saying that they had refunded me $9.84 (no clue why the extra $.65 - maybe for the inconvenience?  Whatever. I don't care. I'm good.
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