Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Seenyore Sneaky

Today's adventure will be to get proof of the promise of old age.  My Medicare advantage insurance includes a Silver Sneakers card which, supposedly, gets me into a huge number of gyms and athletic clubs for free.  According to the Sneaky Seniors website, I will be able to walk into the Olympic Athletic Club in Ballard and use their facilities at no cost to me.  The Olympic Athletic Club has two swimming pools - one of which is a 24 hour lap pool.

I am skeptical of the whole Silver Sneakers thing in a too good to be true way.  But, I'm going to find out for sure this morning.  My plan is to be there about 8:15.  I should be able to find a parking place easily at that time.  If my let me swim for free scheme fails - yeah that Silver Sneakers thing is a scam we don't really honor - the city pool not far from there has lap swimming from 9-10 so I'll go there.

So that's the plan.

This afternoon's plan is to add a wifi adapter to my new desktop so I can drop the network cable that crosses the living room.  Then there is a ballgame on the radio and stuff on TiVo and bears to knit.

Sometime this weekend I need to line up the bears for their photo - delivery day is Monday.  I still have the rest of the bathroom to finish cleaning out. No hurry.
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