Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tracking the tracking number OR refresh, refresh, refresh

Packages delivered to anyone who lives in this building are delivered to a central spot down in the garage.  The rule is that delivery people are not allowed to come up and deliver to our door.  The manager signs for everything and puts the packages in a locked closet. Sometimes - like weekends - a delivery person will break the rule (OMG, break a condo rule???!!!) and deliver to the door but mostly not.

Most of the delivery services know the drill and so mostly the system works fine. I know my package is in the locker when the tracking number reports "DELIVERED".

Today's tracking number reports that my new computer is "On FedEx vehicle for delivery".  Sometimes FedEx gets here mid morning.  But sometimes not til mid to late afternoon.  Sometimes FedEx can't find the manager, and can't find the waiver I signed, and does not even try to get my signature and leaves while I'm sitting up here waiting for my package.  The FedEx office is on this side of town so I wait until 5 and then go get my package.  So generally, when FedEx says it will get here today, it usually will, one way or another.

So today is wait and refresh the browser and repeat until I see DELIVERED.

I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on this new puppy and having the CPU hold occupied again!

And, waiting for the computer is really the only thing on the agenda today.  Maybe today would be a good day to organize the bathroom drawers and area under the sink.  I think it is.  I have other areas - closets, cupboards that need the same treatment but I think the bathroom is a good place to start.  The other day, while looking for something else, I found a pouch under there.  I opened it to find a full makeup kit.  I'll bet I have not had any makeup on my face in at least 15 years.  My own personal Smithsonian.

But, first, some breakfast.
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