Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

up and at 'em

I rarely take a shower in my own bathroom.  Since I shower every day at the pool, my own tub/shower - behind a beautiful curtain - mainly serves to house my penguin humidifier when I'm not using it.  But today, I broke the mold.  Zoey was shocked, I tell you.  You know it's been a while when you actually have to read the labels on the bottles to know you are using shampoo and not conditioner or body soap instead of shampoo (although, really, what the heck does it matter?)...

But, now I'm showered and dressed and ready to hit the road.  It's a lot of work. I miss the pool. It's a lot of work there, too but at least it's the tail end of the workout.

Zoey is watching me very carefully.  She's as tuned into routine as I am and does not seem all that comfortable when the regular rhythm is broken.  But, she's such a good cat. I was thinking last night, in all the years I've had cats, I don't think I've ever had one as low maintenance as she is.  I finally have the litter box fixed so I can't smell it or see it and she can't pee over the edge.  She has no interest at all in any kind of food but dry kibbles.  And she does not care which kind.  She's not too thin and not too fat and eats what she wants when she wants.  She snuggles with me sometimes and ignores me others.  She plays with her toys sometimes - enough to get them scattered all over the house - and ignores them sometimes.  She's the perfect cat.  And now she's trying to prevent me from typing.

So I think I'll find my shoes and hit the road.

After a few minutes of kitty rubs.
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