Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday's swim was not that much fun. I can't quite put my finger on why.  The pool is lovely with huge wide lanes.  The locker room is a little cramped but nice and clean and new and the showers are fabulous.  The pool itself was a little too warm for lane swimming but I think the real negative was the getting there and getting home. It's about a 20 minute trip via I-5 and pretty stressful and this is at noon.  The only traffic really is big trucks.  But still. It's just not fun.  I did my usual mile but it was a not-fun slog. The best alternative is easier to get to but a crappy pool that is also too warm.

I think today I'll go to Costco and Goodwill instead.  I need toilet paper.  And I'm tired of looking at the two piles of stuff for Goodwill. A good walk around Costco will serve as at least pseudo exercise.

I wear a night guard in my mouth to keep me from grinding my teeth so hard they are too sore to use for chewing.  But, last night, either I didn't get it in right or my teeth have decided to torture me a different way but I woke up after about an hour with a horrible, throbbing tooth ache.  I got up and took some ibuprofen and when I couldn't get back to sleep, I just yanked the guard out.  I think slept without waking again til morning and when I woke up no teeth are hurting.  Weird and wild. And very grateful.  I have no interest in any dental issues.

Tomorrow is the first game of Spring Training.  I love that first game. I remember one year I was on jury duty the day of that first game.  They let us out for lunch at 11:45 and told us to be back at 2. Because they play in Arizona and before we take up daylight savings time, we are one hour behind them, the first few games start at noon our time. I sat outside with my little transistor AM radio and soaked up the sounds of the baseball season starting.  It was so delicious, I remember it vividly.

So I'm looking forward tomorrow.  I'm sure the Mariners will suck as usual but sucky baseball is better than on baseball especially when the season is new.
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