Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Day one of Routineus Interuptus

Ok so for almost a year now I've been going to Medger Evers Pool at 6 am Monday, Wednesday and Friday and at 11 am Tuesday and Thursday and 8:30 am on Saturdays.  Without fail.  And now, for the next two weeks, I cannot do that.  Turns out that even though I have nothing on my plate, no schedule, no demands, no responsibilities, I am a Rut Girl.  I operate by rote.

I wake up at 6, I swim (or not -depending on the day) I have coffee, I internet, I swim (or not depending on the day), I futz, I start dinner at 5ish, I go to the bedroom at 9:45, I read/listen to the current novel with a 10 minute break for the first 10 minutes of the news at 10 and then I listen until I'm sleepy which is usually about 10:45 and I go to sleep.

I like my rut, my routine. Yesterday I did a rare Sunday swim so today I did no swimming at all.  And I regret that. The day feels like kind of a fail. Which is silly.  But tomorrow, there will be swimming.  Still my routine will be different because the pool is farther away so it will take a bigger chunk out of the day but big deal.  Today was too long. It needed a chunk out of it.

On the up side, I found a new (to me) author who already has about 10 thrillers in the bag (Jo Nesbo) and the library had my Nick Bolton book about the history of Twitter for my Kindle and I started that - very interesting.  I got the laundry done and put away. I got the kitchen cleaned. My brother says my PC will be here Friday. I discovered that I had a whole Downton Abbey episode to watch that I hadn't seen yet, in addition to last night's finale.  I watched it but saved last night's 2 hour ender for later.

So not a bad day but a weird one.  And I just remembered seeing that LJ was going down about now...
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