Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And another thing

Even with my new adjustable bed and the fabulous sheet changing trick, I still managed to fuck up the back of my hand this morning when I changed the sheet.


The smaller spot I got yesterday putting something in the microwave.  The big one was a tiny tap when my hand hit the mechanism slipping the sheet in between the bed and the mattress.  IF I do not hit anything else with this hand, these spots will be gone in 2+ weeks.  But, the chances of not hitting anything are slim to none.  Often I don't even know that I've caused another spot until it shows up.

Soon it will be short sleeved weather.  My arms and hands look like this most of the time. It's embarrassing.  There is no cure or fix and it will only get worse as I get older.  Like my breathing.  I love my life but then I have to subtract these things.  And 'these things' add up faster the older I get. I understand why some people want to live as long as they possibly can and why some feel obligated (children/responsibilities/fear of dying) but their reasons aren't mine.  Living long is not the answer for me.  Living exactly the way I want to now as best I can is what is right for me.  Not you, maybe, but for me.

Ok, I'm done with this topic, I think. Moving on.  There's a podcast on TiVo from yesterday - I'm already behind.
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