Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ok, I'm ready

The new router is in house.  I have found and downloaded all (I hope, all anyway) the answers to the questions I will have.  I've made a list with notes.  I think this may well be the very first time I have ever swapped out/installed a router while I still had a working one.  It's rather luxurious.  Since my brain thinks it's better equipped to think in the mornings, I'm waiting until after I get back from swimming tomorrow morning.

I did get a pizza and the oven is heating up now.  Went with cowboy. It was the deal of the day.

My new computer must be nearly done. I was hoping it would be shipped today but it's still sitting there on the work bench.  Hopefully it will go out tomorrow.

My neighbors across the way got their house cleaned today. Their house cleaner has a very cute little girl who enjoyed their terrace a whole lot today while her Mom cleaned (Seattle schools are out this week).  He/they (I can't decide if he has a constant boyfriend or if there are two of them living there) should be home soon to a clean house!

I am such a dedicated stalker.
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