Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night, I was going to sleep and all of a sudden remembered two critical USB dongles that I had forgotten to remove from my old computer.  One connects the keyboard and one connects the mouse.  I know my brother only gets rid of old computers once a month or so (the recycle truck comes), so probably I was safe but then that's all I could think of.  So I grabbed my phone and send an email.  Then, I fell right asleep and slept great.  I didn't even work in my dreams.

This morning, Amy sent me a note that the dongles were safe. Whew.

Today or tomorrow will be new router day.  My internet connection fluctuates from none to sucky to fabulous - and that's within 5 minutes about every 20 minutes.  It might be the modem. It might be the ISP but since I can guarantee instant and vast improvement by rebooting the router, I'm starting there.  Switching routers is a major PIA spending much longer fighting this one is taking years off my life.

Also today is pizza day.  Pappa Murphy's is near the pool.  This is the last week the pool is open tile the second week in March.  Pizza after today won't be at all convenient.  So that makes today a pizza day.  Any excuse in a storm.  Now I just have to decide on pepperoni or cowboy.  I think that will be a snap decision when I get there.

Other than that, there's nothing on today.
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