Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My new favorite cookies

An LJ entry of a friend of a friend and comments from other friends and some trial and some errors and some genius has led me evolve my new favorite cookie.

  1. One pie crust left at room temp for a while and rolled out onto cookie sheet.

  2. Brush liberally with melted butter.

  3. Cut into cookies (cookie cutter, knife or pizza roller all do fine).

  4. Dot with semi sweet chocolate chips.

  5. Bake at 400 degrees for 16 minutes.

Cool and eat.  They cool very quickly and taste delicious.  They will be also excellent with coffee for breakfast.

Yes, Toll House chocolate chip cookies might be a little better but the ease of these makes up for any delta.


My brother said my new computer case would not get to the shop until Friday. He lied. It got there today and Amy (his shop manager) has been building my new PC all day.  It's been oh so fun to watch on the webcam. Some of the bits she holds up to the webcam so I can see - like the cool green light coming through the clear side of the case and the USB manual. Ha!  I told her she could keep that for the shop.  No manual is going to stop me from inserting wrong, turning over, inserting wrong again, lather, rinse, repeat until I get lucky.

She's already to the software part!


I did get my hair cut. I walked into the place and it was empty! Yeah.  I told them I didn't care which stylist and they gave me Audra and she said "so you on your way to the pool or just back?"  hahaha she did me last time and remembered.  Nice. I think she did ok but, of course, I won't know for sure until after swimming tomorrow.
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