Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


After that one night, I'm back to waking up many times during the night. I'm still dreaming about working.  Last night I was working for Leo Laporte at TWIT.TV and trying to decide which chromebook to buy for work.  I think it's time to go back to using Breathe Right strips.

Swimming was good this morning. It was crowded.  In order to keep out of other swimmers' way, I kept going without stopping at all, even once, for about 3/4ths of a mile.  By the time the lane cleared out and was finally mine, I was pooped!  I finished up my mile and did a couple of extra laps.  I traded in old goggles for new yesterday.  New goggles are just heaven! It's like post cataract surgery all over again.  The goggles I really like are not that expensive.  One place had a special last November and I bought 4 pair.  I'm going to start switching them out every 3 months.  The joy of underwater clarity is so worth it.

Today's task is hair cut.  My hair has finally gotten so that it looks nice with simple finger styling and I want to keep it that way. If it gets too long, the styling won't work.  So today I fix that with a cut.  I need to make a Costco run in the next week but I'm not quite up for it today.

My brother has all the bits and pieces and parts in for my new computer but not the case.  The case won't be in until Friday.  All the parts are now in a plastic bin in his shop. I can see it on the webcam.  I was not planning on buying a new computer but now that I'm getting one, I'm quite excited. I have great plans for it.  It will be so nice to have one that runs with no lag, one who's disc drawers open easily instead of by having to push/pull/swear, to have all USB ports that work, to have sound that doesn't crackle...  Yep, it will be oh so nice.  Plus, my computer area now looks barren and bleak.
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