Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tuesday or Faux Monday

I'm waiting on my CPA to call and let me know how severe the tax hit will be and also to recommend whether or not I contribute this year to my Heath Savings Account.

The HSA was part of my last employers health benefits package.  I had to open it so he could put $300 in.  But, the damn thing is a fee machine.  They charge you for having money in there - unless you maintain a balance of $4250.00.  They charge you for moving money, removing money, closing the account.  Probably there will be a fee for my bitching about it here.

I can close the account, fee free (they say, I don't really believe that) when I qualify for Medicare (2 more weeks).  I emailed HSA folks a while back to ask how to close the account.  They said that they could not answer that via email because of confidentiality (one of many many WTF's with these people).  So I called and here are the steps to closing the account:

1. Call them and tell them you want to close the account.
2.  They send you a form that you sign and return (snail mail).
3.  They send you another form confirming the first one that you sign and return (snail mail).
4.  They send you a check.  Which will likely be one I cannot deposit by phone so I'll need to mail it or take it somewhere for deposit.

I will be quite delighted to get rid of these people.  It will have been a lot of work for $300.00.

I do get tax benefit from contributing to the account.  IF I can scare of a bit of a benefit for next years taxes by making a contribution before I close the account, I'll do it.  So that's why I'm waiting for the CPA.  That and I want to find out about this year's taxes.  But, as I recall, he usually calls on Saturday so maybe I won't even here this week.


I'm losing my yoga enthusiasm.  I think I may stick to swimming.  The pool with the best schedule nearest me is about 30 minutes away depending on traffic.  Next Monday is the first day of my pool closing so I think I'll start then and just give that pool a go.  The second week of my pool's closing, will be the first week my Silver Sneakers card kicks in and I'm going to try the pool at the fancy gym.


But, this week, my pool is open. 11 today and Thursday and early morning Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  And I'll be there.


If I can get through til bedtime without a nose bleed, I'm going to declare victory and start the aspirin a day again. I think I'm good.  Really, this time.


I'm doing laundry and the dryer says it's his turn.
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