Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


For the past several nights I keep having work dreams.  I'm at work, I'm doing stuff.  The work is interesting. I'm not at all unhappy to be there.  Every night is a different work environment with different people.  Sometimes I know the people sometimes I don't.  It's very weird.  Today, there was a radio built into the phone and my co-worker and I could not figure out how to turn the radio off.  My co-worker went off to get help and Maggie Smith (1/2 herself and 1/2 her character from Downton Abbey) came in looking for him.

The radio, of course, was my alarm.  But as I rarely remember my dreams at all these past few nights have been pretty interesting.

No pool today.  And starting next week my pool is closed for three weeks.  Other pools are open so there will be some swimming but not, maybe, every day.  I'm thinking of using this time to do/try other stuff.  There's a senior yoga class on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the community center next door to the pool.  I'm going to go find out what the exact deal is tomorrow before my swim.  Today, however, I think I'm going to try walking.  I keep saying I can't do it but maybe if set my mind to it, and steady my pace, maybe I can do more than I think.

Another thing I might try is random bus rides.  Get on a bus, ride to where ever looks interesting.  Get off, walk around a bit, and then take the bus back.  If I can't walk far, at least this will get me to walk some.

Today, I'm going to walk to the Japanese grocery store and the Daiso store just beyond there.  Once I finish those two, I'll do a check and see how much more I can handle.  The point is to get out and try something.  So that's today's something.

I'm not trying to build up or bulk up or train for anything. I'm on more of a use it or lose it quest.  It may be too late, but I have three weeks to find out.  Then the pool will open back up and I can go back to swimming every day which I know I can do.
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