Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning's swim was way better than yesterday's and yesterday's after the first 5 laps or so, was good.  But today was good from the first splash.  I did 2,000 yards fairly effortlessly.  It still amazes me that I can swim a mile so easily and can barely walk around the block.  At least I don't look like Leonard Nimoy.  He is a bit older than I am but his birthday is 2 days before mine - 2 days and 18 years - ok so maybe in 18 years, I will look like him.  I hopetogod I am not around in 18 years to find out for sure!

After swim, I was headed to Safeway and then decided to detour by a gourmet shop I'd never been to.  Turns out the gourmet shop was in the same block as a restaurant I've been meaning to go to for brunch so I parked and then, on the way, spied a place I'd never heard of so I went there.  It was loud so I was glad I wasn't trying to make conversation.  The menu was fairly pretentious but the food sure wasn't.  It was good but I did not expect - on my mushroom omelette with crunchy onions - to find French's Fried Onions.  The omelette was very nice but not nice enough to support fried onions in a can.  I object.

Then on to Safeway and now home.

It's been nearly 30 hours since my nose last bled and, this morning, I caught a little water while swimming and had a bit of coughing (which is what started it last time it bled in the pool) and nothing.  Whew.  I'm giving it another day.  Then I'll go back to taking the aspirin a day.  My doctor would not approve but I have no stroked out yet and I'm not bleeding through boxes of tissues so his vote doesn't count.

I'm seriously considering starting season 2 of House of Cards.  My only hesitation is that I'm afraid once I start I won't be able to stop and then the whole season will be gone...  Plus TiVo is still acting up so I'm trying to keep current on the important stuff so when it dies nothing critical will have been missed.  Either way, I have plenty to knit by.
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