Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

If I wanted to work, I wouldn't have time.

It is now 1:30 and I am officially in Where The Fuck Did Today Go? mode.

I spent a fair amount of time with the new computer options.  Talking to my brother, talking to Amy, making decisions. It was not my first choice to buy a new computer this month or really soon.  Nor was it my first choice to spend this much on one BUT... in for a dime.  Plus, they are working hard to build me a beautiful one and one with growth.  I have 3 monitors attached to the wall but only use two for this computer.  The new one will be able to use all 3 if I want which will be nice.  And it's very jazzy - black with green lights through a clear panel.  Even the motherboard is black with green accents.  It's going to be fine and I'm excited.

I did not want Windows 8.  There's no reason for it and I have multiple retails copies of Windows 7 just gathering dust here.  They have had problems installing Windows without the actual discs so I had to mail them.

I finished off the taxes and sent the results via email and then packaged up the paper forms to send them off and then trotted off to the post office.

When I came back there was a note from the condo management company saying that they needed more/different information about the fucking insurance so I downloaded the policy and sent it to her.  I actually got an acknowledgement back and a note that they had started a spreadsheet of people who comply.  This new board president we have is just making miracles right and left.

Then I downloaded the library book and put it on the iPod Shuffle.

Then I finally got the $ from the Google test I did two weeks ago.  The promised me $125 in rewards points.  So first I had to pick my rewards. They had about 25 retail outlets to pick from and visa.  I picked electronic visa.  That took 6 days.  Yeah, what??  Oh and I had to order 2 - one for $25 and one for $100.  Today I got them. Click on this, open an account here, fill this in, click on that, enter the 1st secret code here, enter the 2nd one here, redeem.  Use by August of this year.  Oh and lather rinse repeat for the second one.

Holy crap.  I've worked way less for way more money in my life.  I redeemed them immediately and bought Amazon gift cards and then applied those gift cards to my account.  So 598,972,389 clicks later, I have $125 credit at Amazon where it will come in very handy, thankyouverymuch.  It's free money and a substantial amount, I shouldn't bitch but they shouldn't make me crawl over cut glass for it.  Probably next week, I'll get an email that hackers got in and stole the number in the 2 minutes before I spent it and now my credit is ruined.

So there went my nothing day.  So far.  I have not been retired that long but even so I can barely remember how in the world I worked 40-80 hours a week and still got shit like this done.
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