Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Living with bad decisions

This is the firstest of first world problems. How stupid of me was it to have living room furniture designed around a computer CPU that was already 5 years old?  Pretty stupid.

The mother board is dead and the hole built into the furniture to hold and highlight the pimped out, see-through backlit CPU is not big enough to house the pimped out CPU cases of today.  Sigh.  My brother and his shop manager, Amy, are on the case and will find the answer but I wish I had been just a teensy weensy bit less stupid.

On the up side, I will end up with a very solid, nice, working Windows Computer that I can count on and use as a dependable workhorse.  Then I can get rid of the ones that only half work.  I will continue to use my Chromebook for every day/most every thing.  Also on the up side, Amy is having fun planning and sourcing and fixing me up.


My swim this morning was kind of different. Yesterday, because of lunch with Kathy, my swim was cut short.  We had agreed to go after swim at 12:15ish.  She swims about 30 minutes so I figured she'd show up about 11:30.  But she came earlier so finished earlier and while I would have gone on another 20 minutes, I felt weird having her cool her heels and wait for me so I quit early too.  So today, I decided to make up for it.  But the first 5 laps were very strange. I couldn't get my breath. I was scared to cough because I didn't want my nose to bleed.  I was about to get a little scared when all of a sudden, it all got better.  I felt fine.  Good, actually. And went on to swim my mile plus an extra 500 yards.  Nice.  The pool is closed on Monday so I felt like I needed to get my money's worth today and I did.


I have Geico insurance for my car and home (they use Liberty Mutual).  I have had this setup for about 5 years now. I have never once filed a claim but have, on several occasions, needed documentation or information or changes made to my policies.  Every single time, with zero exceptions, the process has been easy and painless and faultless.  It's shocking and oh so comforting.

The home owners association of my condo has to ensure that all owners have the appropriate home owners insurance.  And they want proof on file.  And, apparently, no one every provides this because at least 2 or 3 times a year, we get a threatening letter from the management that we must supply this documentation.  Every time, I do.  I got the stupid letter again yesterday.  This time, I asked Geico to provide me the proof electronically.  They did, within 12 hours.  No questions asked, no follow up needed, exactly what I asked for.  Perfect.

I sent it to the association explaining that instead of handing it to the building manager as requested and as I have done in the past, I was sending it so that next time they asked, I could just resend the note.  I sure wish they would just cull out the non-compliers and start issuing fines and leave us law abiding residents alone.  But, at least, I'm finally organized the problem down to a resend.


Plans for the rest of today are pretty much taxes.  I had started and nearly finished my tax return on the computer that went to my brother's.  I totally forgot about it but figured I'd remote in and finish it off before they started working on it.  But, that was before it was declared DOA.  So now I have to redo everything on my crapola windows laptop.  My very nice but very luddite CPA uses a piece of software that was created in the Windows 3 era.  I don't even think he has a MAC option much less a web option.  No biggie, it wasn't that huge a deal to enter all the stuff in and I don't have that much stuff to enter anyway.  It's annoying but not fatal.

Also I need to download another library book to swim by.  This morning I started listening to a Dave Barry book.  I did not check the publishing date, but judging from the first essay, it had to have been in the 70's or 80's.  The whole piece was bitching about having to chose a long distance service and how painful that process it.  It was not even historically amusing.  I got a notice yesterday that the latest Ken Jennings book is ready for me.  That sounds like a better option.
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