Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The joys of homeownership

I pay Homeowners Dues to cover costs of my not having to worry about stuff like the roof or electrical issues in the building or plumbing stuff.  I've owned condos so long now, I forget what a lot of the free standing home owner hassles.  But like even free standing home owners, condo owners, get to pay real estate taxes every year.  This morning I paid mine - $3326.20.

You can have it included in your mortgage payment but I like to keep it separate and so keep my mortgage payment as lean as possible.  You can pay it in halves.  One payment in April and one payment in October.  But I save all year and like to get it done and out of the way as soon as the bill comes due.  At the first of the year I have several large annual bills that I save for all year.  This is, hopefully, the last.  The real last one is income tax.  But, I'm pretty sure my income tax bill this year will be negligible. So, now I start saving again for next year's bills.


I spent many years in North Carolina - Winston-Salem, Southern Pines, Charlotte.  Although I have not been anywhere near there in more than 30, it's been great to 'revisit' those places in the news this week.  I can honestly understand what that amount of snow and ice does to the area and how very out of the ordinary it is.

I remember in the late 50's we had a winter in Winston-Salem where it snowed every Wednesday for something like 6 weeks.  It was not the snow that is there today, more like an inch or less but plenty enough to close the schools.  The Superintendent of Schools would make the declaration. I remember his name was Dr. Phillips.  We would all wait in enormous anticipation for Dr. Phillips to make his school/no school ruling.  Us kids would have our fingers tightly crossed for no school.  My Mom would be uttering threats against Dr. Phillips should he decide not to take us kids off her hands for the day.

I also think it's pretty hilarious that I do not remember the name of one single one of my teachers from elementary and junior high (and, actually, only a couple from high school and those not for good reasons), but old Dr. Phillips is right there at the front of my memory bank.  I hated school soooo much.


Today I have swimming at usual at 11 but then, after the swim, I'm going out to lunch with two of my fellow swimmers.  Kathy and Paul are there every Tuesday and Thursday.  They also take the aqua jogging class I used to take at the Meadowbrook pool on Saturdays.  We've been 'swimming' together for a couple of years now.  About a month ago, they gave me their contact info and asked if I'd be interested in meeting for lunch or coffee after swimming one day.  And, today's the day.  Should be fun. I know nothing about them.  They appear to be about my age and are likely retired, too.


I skipped my daily aspirin last night and plan on doing that until that one spot has not bled for 72 hours.  We're at 12 hours now.


I think I'll front load the trip to the pool with one stop for gas and another for a few groceries.
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