Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This damn nose

Another nose bleed - same spot.  I am really getting tired of this.  I'm seriously considering laying off the aspirin for a day or two just to get the damn thing heeled.

When I'm not here, Amira, the house cleaner likes to make small changes.  She swaps the ottoman.  Or moves the pillows. Today it was the lap robes.  I've kept the brown one on my chair next to me. It got moved to the green ottoman.  The multi colored one that has been over the back of one of the dining room chairs, got moved to the sofa.

And now, Zoey thinks it's her new throne.  She claimed it this afternoon and keeps going back there.  It's really cracking me up.

She's such a funny cat.  (And, by the way, all the litter box changes - lining the chest with shower curtain, swapping out the actual litter box for one with high sides - has apparently done the trick.  I can see where she's tried to pee over the edge but it was just too high so now she's going in the middle of the box.  Yeah.)

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