Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done and done and done

IMG_20140211_213106302.jpgFirst of all, I totally forgot to post the photo of the bear that shutterbug 'designed'.  The purple is a new (to me) color that I really like.  We will be seeing more of it after my next yarn order.

My housecleaner arrived way early which turned out to be fine.  But, I hate being here while she and her daughter work so I hit the road.  Good drive and got to Ikea in time for a love breakfast.

Once I started shopping though, I started feeling really crummy.  So I pretty much got what I came for and got out of there.  On to Fry's where the cables I wanted were on the first end cap I came to.  This is not that good since it really just wiped out any reason to wander around looking for them and so seeing all kinds of other wonderful stuff.  But, again, wasn't feeling great so just paid for them and left.

Actually feeling crappy while you shop turns out to be a great money saver!!

I felt better once I got home so I tackled the cable project and finished it off and packed up the $50 worth of stuff I ordered from Amazon and is either wrong and/or I don't need.

I took the package down to the garage where UPS will pick it up and took my old frying pans to the free shelf.  My Ikea loot includes 2 frying pan and a saute pan.  Nice.

And I now have a very tidy cable area that is also very organized. I have all three monitors in use and all is good.  I went to print out my Amazon labels and remembered I hadn't told the printer about the new wireless.  Resetting the modem makes me remember - often one by one - just how many things in this house need wifi to operate!  My brother bugs me constantly for the simpleton password I use on my network but entering a password into the printer, the TiVo, the internet radios is painful enough without having an obnoxious password.

I do think my next home project is going to be Spring cleaning... Going through drawers and shelves and cupboards and do a massive culling.  I do not need all the shit that is filling up my inside the home real estate.  I have two drawers in the bathroom which really need to be emptied and and redone.  The kitchen junk drawer really needs it.  And then, the terrace.  I have 8-10 foot tall cupboards out there that are just crammed with crap.  Most of it I do not need at all but all of it needs to be gone through and culled out.  Spring and Fall are the only good ops.  Summer's too hot and Winter's too cold to spend any time out there.  So, as soon as it gets warmer. that's going to be my project.

The bathroom and kitchen do not have the weather excuse.  They can be done anytime.  And I will. But not today.
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