Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Headed south

This morning I'm off to Ikea. I need new wash cloths, new dining chair covers, frying pans for induction and likely more crap that catches my eye on the way to the stuff I want.  If I get there early enough, probably one of those $.99 Ikea breakfasts.

And the on to Fry's.  I ordered 3 different cables from Amazon.  Turns out I do need 3 but I need 3 of all the same kind male VGA to male VGA.  Amazing that in a house packed with cords and cables, I do not have what I need - not even one. I need to go through all those cables and plugs and connections and send more than half of it all to the Goodwill.

This morning, after swimming for about 20 minutes, I caught some water in my throat and it caused me to cough which caused... my fucking nose to bleed again!  It wasn't much and the good lifeguard was on duty.  I assured her it was a nothingburger and fortunately, it stopped bleeding nearly as soon as it started.

I wish this damn nose would fix itself.  This is all the same spot bleeding.  At least it's no longer gushing and does stop quickly now.

I was able to finish my mile without any problem.  Whew.

I got an email last night from the housecleaner saying she would be here today.  Yeah! This house really needs some cleaning love.

Oh my! I just saw on Twitter that one of my favorite former Mariners has been named manager of the Class A farm team. His first management job.  Go Dave Valle!  I hope he has great success.  I'm enjoying seeing the dribs and drabs of baseball news.  I'm ready.

Now I'm ready to get up and get dressing and get going.
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