Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
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The webcam fix turned out to be fairly non-trivial but... in the end, I managed to get it going via wifi which I had never been able to do before so it was a headache but with a reward.  I actually thought I had it fixed but forgot to check outside the network.

So as I pulled up to the pool, I whipped out my phone and fail. No webcam.  There was more fixing when I got home.

I hate YouTube instructions.  I want words on a page, not some yahoo hemming and hawing through a bad video. But, the best link to how to get what I wanted was a video.  2008.  Some guy with a fairly heavy accent.  10 minutes long.  But, by damn, he nailed it.  No hemming, no hawing.  Straight do this, then this, then this.  And bam.  It worked just like he said.  So now I hate all YouTube instruction except his.

Swimming was fine.  A little crowded but not too bad.  I was into my second half hour and finally had the lane to myself when I tall black guy was standing on the pool's edge next to my lane flagging me down.  It was Alvin!!!  Alvin used to be a life guard at our pool before he got promoted to assistant manager at a pool north of downtown.  He said my form was good, my kick was of the straight leg variety (the way they are supposed to be and his hot button) and asked me how many yards I was doing. I told him a mile a day and he was clearly impressed.  Alvin gave me my first lesson back last May.  He gave me a program then to gradually work my way up to 500 yards a day.  Good job, Alvin!! It was great fun to see him and very nice of him to flag me down.

Then just as I was finishing up, another person flagged me down. This time it was Judith who takes the aqua jogging classes.  She said she had news... she's getting married!!  To some dude from Jamaica and she's moving there!!  I jokingly asked her if 'had to' and she said 'It could happen!!!' Yeah, really??? She's gotta be 50.  This time last year she had just gotten a new hip. Now she's got somebody to help her wear it out.  Nice.

Then home, webcam fix, lunch.  Still waiting for cables to come in so I think I'll just knit some bear.
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